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Our patent prosecution practice is one of the best in the U.S. Our patent preparation and prosecution work is ensured in high quality and efficiency, thanks to our firm’s focus and investment on a high-quality team.  We have placed the highest priority on our professionals’ technical knowledge and depth, most of our team went through doctorate or even post-doctorate academic trainings. We also established comprehensive patent practice processes to ensure all team members are familiar with the latest patent law developments and skilled on USPTO procedures.

Last year, we have obtained more than 500 U.S. patents for our clients, including global corporations and small startups. According to data analysis performed by Juristat, in the past year 2018, Anova ranked 46th overall among all US law firms on patent prosecution in the United States, ranked 36th in allowance rate, ranked 15th in the fewest number of office actions per application, ranked 10th in the time between application filing and allowance, and ranked 9th in the success rate of overcoming Section 101 rejection in response to the first office action.

We also help our clients navigate the complex patent issues in the U.S., from patent portfolio analysis, licensing, and commercialization to patent design-around and attorney opinions on patent infringement, validity, and freedom-to-operate.  We believe that patent counseling can provide great value to our clients by improving corporate patent strategies and compliance.