Technical Experts in Patent Practices

At Anova Law, people are the most important aspect of our IP practice. All of our professionals have advanced degrees. Our professionals’ technical expertise spreads across many disciplines, including semiconductors and microelectronics; computer software and hardware; data science and artificial intelligence; computer network and Internet; business methods and fintech; advanced materials; flight control and aero-vehicles; telecommunications; laser, optics, and imaging systems; automobile; clean energy technologies; consumer electronics; machinery and manufacturing; medical devices; biotechnology; pharmaceuticals; and chemical products and processing, etc.

Our professionals not only have practiced in top U.S. IP firms, but also have extensive experience in corporate R&D and corporate IP management. Many of our professionals are legal and technical experts who are bilingual and have mastered the nuances in different cultures and legal systems, with extensive experience working with U.S. and Asian companies.


Most of our professionals are bilingual, English/Chinese, English/Japanese, etc., and we communicate with our international clients in their language directly to ensure that we understand our clients’ every need.

Our Professionals 

Wenye (Wilson) Tan, J.D.
Sherry Wu, J.D.
David Farnum, J.D.
Li Jiang, Ph.D., J.D.
Emma Chen, J.D.
Junqi Hang, Ph.D., J.D.
Cynthia Wu, Ph.D.
Richard Chen, MS.
Frank Chen, Ph.D.
Yu Du, Ph.D.
Tianying Jin, Ph.D.
Chian Chiu (Sam) Li, MS.
John Li, Ph.D.
Tricia Liu, MS.
Alexander Wang, Ph.D.
Kevin Wang, Ph.D.
Steven Wang, Ph.D.
Qionghua (Chloe) Weng, Ph.D.
Bin Xiao, Ph.D.
Sean Xu, Ph.D.
Shawn Zhang, Ph.D.
Xiaodong Zhang, MS.
Fang Zhao, Ph.D.
Huilei Zhao, Ph.D.
Wenwen Zhou, Ph.D.
Jerry Guo
Katherine Fu, MA.
Jay Li
Tingli Mossinger
Han Qi, MS.
Grace Xia
Ting Xue, MS.
Akiko Yoshida
Yapei Zhang