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At Anova Law, we build our service model centering around clients’ individual needs, and personalize our services to fit in the  business and legal frameworks of our clients. Our ability to listen, understand, and tailor our services to our clients’ needs stems from our members’ extensive hands-on experience in technology companies as R&D leaders and IP managers. For well-established organizations, we serve as your cost-efficient and effective extension of your IP management teams. For startup companies, we serve as your virtual in-house IP counsel at every stage of your growth by building and protecting your critical IP assets.



High Quality, Best Value


We vouch for the quality of our work products and implemented rigorous quality control measures typically seen in large firms.  At the same time, we are sensitive to our clients' budget.  We adopted new practice management technologies to increase efficiency and reduce overhead.  As such, we combine large firm quality and efficiency with small firm flexibility and fee structure to create best value for our clients.






IP Litigation

Domestic and International Patent Prosecution

Patent Strategies and Counseling


U.S. Patent Reissue, Reexamination, and Post-grant Review


IP Due Diligence


IP Licensing


Infringement, Validity, and Clearance Opinions

IP Portfolio Management
Trademark Registration, Clearance, and Opposition/Cancellation
Trademark Litigation
Copyright Registration







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