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 Joshua Wang, Ph.D.

 Science Advisor

Office: 703.430.5759

Fax: 703.935.1394




In Anova, Dr. Wang performs various tasks relating to patent applications and prosecutions including drafting and polishing patent petitions, providing scientific and technological consultancy, and communicating with customers on potential patent modifications and improvements.

Dr. Wang has over 10 years’ experience in physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering, and a variety of relevant interdisciplinary areas. He has a very broad scientific and technological background, including but not limited to, semiconductors, transparent conducting oxides, diluted magnetic semiconductors and spintronics, organic spintronics, catalysis, solar energy, photovoltaics, ferroelectrics and dielectrics, capacitors, electronics, nanoscience and nanotechnology, microelectronics, optics and laser applications, sensors. In particular, Dr. Wang’s research has been primarily focusing on understanding the physics, chemistry, and the interaction between materials and environment in order to design and optimize materials and systems toward real-world applications. In addition, Dr. Wang is an expert in high-performance computing and he is also familiar with quantitative data analytics.
Dr. Wang obtained his PhD in physics from Shandong University. After that, he has been working as a scientist at the University of Maryland, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Milan-Bicocca. He has also been working as a consultant for several companies and has lots of experience in a variety of industry areas such as capacitors, contact lens, etc. Dr. Wang has published over 30 papers in well-recognized international journals including Nature Communications, Nano Letters, and so on. He is also an inventor of one Chinese patent and potentially another US patent.



Postdoc in Computational Physics and Materials Science, University of Pennsylvania

PhD in Condensed Matter Physics, Shandong University
B.S. in Physics, Shandong University


Professional Affiliations


American Physical Society (APS)






Bilingual English/Mandarin Chinese


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